The 2nd Joe Public Retreat

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“Going vertical with content marketing”


The Pain

You know it’s time to finally move away from bloated, ineffective mass advertising campaigns with their chest-pounding messages and embrace content marketing as a more effective alternative. Sure, you have educational videos, community classes and an extensive online health library. But you want to take it to the next level. You want to apply content marketing to your highest priority marketing challenges, such as driving service line growth, launching a new service or promoting your physicians. You want to go vertical with content marketing.

The Answer

At the Joe Public Retreat, attendees will collaborate with Chris Bevolo, consultant and author of “Joe Public Doesn’t Care About Your Hospital,” and others on how to build strategic content marketing programs. You will learn a step-by-step process for developing a program, tips and tricks for differentiating your program, and strategies for overcoming internal challenges and push back to this new healthcare marketing strategy. Those staying for a special Day Two Session will have the chance to explore their own content marketing opportunities in an intimate small group setting.

The Experience

Roll up your sleeves and get ready for some serious work. This third retreat in the Joe Public series will be a highly interactive experience, including group exercises, in-depth discussion and extensive learning – with a little fun tossed in as well. Attendance to the main Day One Session is limited to 50 people, and the special Day Two Session is limited to 12 attendees to allow for greater focus on individual situations. From pre-retreat homework to actionable takeaways to ongoing support from your retreat team and cohort, this experience serves as a foundation for long-term marketing transformation.

Who should attend the Joe Public Retreat?

This Joe Public Retreat is designed specifically for marketers at hospitals and health systems who believe in the power of content marketing and want to take the strategy to the next level. The curriculum at the Retreat will be appropriate for CMOs, vice presidents and others who lead their organization’s marketing efforts, as well as the directors and managers who execute the strategies. If you want to better leverage content marketing to meet your most significant marketing goals, this Retreat is for you.


About the Retreat team

The Joe Public Retreat will be led and facilitated by Chris Bevolo, a healthcare marketing change agent, author, frequent keynote speaker, and leader of the healthcare marketing agency Interval. His 2011 book, “Joe Public Doesn’t Care About Your Hospital,” a manifesto for transforming healthcare marketing, has become the field guide for driving transformation in hospital marketing departments across the country, and is the foundation for the content featured at the Retreat. His agency, Interval, has been an industry leader in advocating for and executing content marketing to address strategic marketing challenges, and the Retreat will leverage Interval’s years of experience in creating successful content marketing programs for hospitals and health systems.

Joe Public Doesn't Care About Your Hospital Book Cover


Day One Session

This full-day session will feature subject matter and activities focused on helping attendees address strategic marketing challenges by going vertical with content marketing. Attendees will learn:

  • how content marketing is an instrumental component of the new consumer healthcare marketing paradigm
  • the advantages of going vertical with content marketing compared to promotional marketing campaigns
  • a step-by-step guide to building a strategic content marketing program
  • tips for developing a program that will stand out in the market
  • ways to measure the results of your program and tie it back to marketing and business success
  • strategies for overcoming internal challenges to content marketing efforts
  • how other organizations have achieved significant marketing success by going vertical with content marketing

Attendees will walk away loaded with ideas and direction for launching successful content marketing programs when they return to their organizations. The Retreat will be preceded by a cocktail reception the evening before, and breakfast and lunch will be served as part of the Day One Session.

Day Two Session

Those staying for the special Day Two Session will have a chance to work in an intimate, small-group setting to explore their own content marketing opportunities. This half-day session will give you a chance to ask questions relevant to your own specific challenges and opportunities, and engage Chris Bevolo and peers from around the country in dialogue that will help you apply what you learned on Day One to further advance your content marketing efforts. Due to the small-group nature of this session, attendance is limited to 12 attendees. Those who participate in the special Day Two Session will be invited to dinner in downtown St. Paul following Day One activities, and will be served breakfast and lunch on Day Two.

Whether you attend just the Day One Session or take in the full two-day experience, the Joe Public Retreat isn’t a stand-alone event. It’s a catalyst for your work as a marketing change agent. You’ll continue to receive support from Chris Bevolo, the retreat team and your cohort through the online retreat website. After you’ve gone through the intense experience with others who share your organizational challenges, enthusiasm for change, and the pain that goes along with both, you’ll be able to stay connected with your cohort, post concerns or challenges through our private ‘Group Therapy“ forum, and peruse helpful articles and resources posted by the retreat team.



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If you have any questions about the Joe Public Retreat, please contact Jackie Olson at or (612) 672-9842, ext. 208.